About Us

Shopods.com Price Comparison Engine

What we do? We track product prices.

Since the 4th April 2017, we have tracked millions of products and logged the price history of those products so that visitors can make informed buying decisions.

Why we do it? We wanted to track prices.

With so many sales and offers every day, seeing a product "on sale" is not good enough to know if an item is good value for money or not.
That's why we created this price engine. We wanted to give people the opportunity to easily see the full price range and history before they made any purchases.

What have we done? Added exclusive content.

We started by tracking new and used prices from eBay and Amazon. After launch, we expanded to include other retailers including Argos, major supermarkets and hundreds of other retailers. We have added an exclusive deal section with items spotted by us, launched our own barcode scanning Android App so that people can scan items and get price comparisons on the go as well as allowing merchants to advertise their product catalogues for free.

What comes next? Improve, develop & expand.

We are always looking to improve and develop the service we offer. We intend to develop our site further and are thinking about lots of new features including the introduction of a forum so deal hunters can discuss various topics add their own deals. We are also considering adding other sections including vouchers, freebies and we are also considering expansion of our engine to offer price comparisons in other countries outside of the UK.